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About Me


Here you go.

Currently a third-year Data Science student at the California Institute of Technology with an interest in prediction. I was in the Applied Physics option before Data Science was released.

I have always wanted to be a wizard, and there are several things I expect a wizard to know about tomorrow:

  1. the financial markets,
  2. college admissions and human nature,
  3. the weather.

The first task seems to be the most reasonable career choice at the moment, so I am looking for a full-time job (2020) in that field. I have done similar work in the past and found strategy design and backtesting to be quite enjoyable. Other interesting applications of predictive analysis and machine learning also appeal to me. Money aside, uncovering human nature is the highest priority.

Places I have been in the past:


Relevant Competitions

I code most fluently in:

  • Python (machine learning / quant things)
  • R (some quant things / data aggregation)
  • Mathematica (physics homework)
  • \(\LaTeX\) (reports and papers)

Why did you switch from Physics to Data Science? I get only one shot at life. I don't think I would survive in academia, as my patience is limited and Physics is not an easy field to do well in. Some parts of physics truly interest me, but predicting the future was a main motivation for studying it, and data science is a more direct path to that.

Why are you interested in [our company]? If I sent in my resume, I must believe that your company is up to something interesting :)