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College Admissions Counselling

Following my interest in college admissions predictions, I have done university selection and essay editing for high school juniors and seniors since 2015.

Contact me at jsho[@] for pricing information if interested. Note that undergraduate admissions are very subjective, and the effect of editing is difficult to assess.

Below is a table of universities that my clients have been admitted to. In [brackets] are the clients' chosen schools. Only schools that I have been involved with editing for are listed.

17[MIT], Cornell U, UCSB, UC Berkeley, U Chicago (Physics PhD)
16Caltech, UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford U, Princeton U (ACM/ML PhD)
15[U Washington], Harvard U, UT Austin (CS PhD)
14[Yale U with likely letter], Carnegie Mellon (School of CS), U Illinois Urbana-Champaign (CS), UCLA with likely letter, UMichigan (Engineering)
13[Cornell U (Materials Science/Engineering) - ED]
12[Bucknell U (STEM Scholar)], U Connecticut (Engineering Physics)
11UPenn, [John's Hopkins U]
9[NYU], Boston U, Wake Forest U
7Lehigh U, Brandeis U
6[Waseda U], Sophia U (Japan)
5[Penn State U]
1-4Counselling effect insignificant
0[Caltech], Cambridge U (Nat.Sci, Selwyn), UC Berkeley (Materials), UCLA (Materials), Imperial College London (Materials)